The Exhibition

The show in the Menier Gallery


Photo credits: Lucie Winterson

Visitor feedback:

Such an interesting show with so many dimensions – shore, water, history etc.   Loved each artists work.   Made me think and think.  A real sense of place and personal vision.   Paula Lanning

To be able to interact with the artists – gave an even better understanding of the art.   Lorraine Ellmers.

Fascinating variety of responses to the many aspects of the Thames environment.  Ray Muna

Such different visions and so engaging!  The transformation of Rosie’s found objects from river bank grot to sources of wonder is perception changing and delightful.  Superb!    Gillian Hutchinson

Inspiring and intriguing …. Captured qualities of place and time, light, space, colour.  Evoking memories of walks along the river.  Linden Abbott

So many ways of being watery!   Jo Dusril

Lucie: You bring me onto the oceans deeper and floating with lots of sensations.  Infinite, danger – silence.
Rosie: I walk with you around the river but it was a special walk through  times past and present and I feel all the lives that are concentrated here.
Abigail: I feel like a seagull flying over the surface of the river.  Enjoying every ray of light that transforms that grey surface into incredible ranges of colour.
Thank you for transporting me to these experiences.
Adriana Portela