Iina Heiskanen


Iina Heiskanen

Thames narratives

I’m working with time and focus on how it´s passage can be seen in our surroundings. It makes different kind of hidden environments and structures visible.

I make notes about what I see and then develop the ideas further in my studio. This experience, the process of notations, develops into something new, previously hidden, creating the new original.

For “Thames narratives” I have used the photographic material I have collected during the last couple of years when visiting London. These notes can be of shadows collected from structures, marks on different surfaces, glimpses of something from edge of me perception, depending where I have been at from moment to moment.

I work on the ideas of reduction and repetition. During my working process the notes may get simpler or different notes may merge into one.

I live in Helsinki, Finland, and the distance plays its role in how I have worked on the notes. Memory fails and adds to or takes away something from the ideas and gives a new perspective to the theme. You can not name the original places and it’s not even necessary. Just experience the moment in time.

These works are woodcuts and monotypes on both canvas and Japanese paper. All works are unique prints from 2019.